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The Uneventful Life Of An Innocent Bystander

Nov 30 '11

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There has never been a video that has required me using my inhaler until this one. Such a fun set.




The newest installment in my “VHS” series with Mitch Magee! Produced by Steve, shot by Vince, directed by Mitch, edited by Kelly, make-up by Hana. And that’s me in the fat suit. Shocker. 

I love this so much

 A video about macrame I produced for CollegeHumor, and Directed by Mitch Magee. Josh Ruben based Cathy off of a Hello My Name Is character. These are always fun to make because I get to pull out the VHS tape deck and run it through an old VHS tape Mitch found on the street. If you look close enough, you’ll see Alice and Wonderland. 

I feel very bad for all the macramers on Etsy that we had express ship us macrame. They probably believe that Macrame is back…


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    One of my favorite sketches. I’d like to believe that all of those macrame animals are hanging in someone’s office.
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    hahaha jesus how have i never seen this before
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    only question is,...that really a woman?
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    This is so funny and strange. Bordering on some Tim and Eric stuff.
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    Josh Ruben for president.
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    I’m consistently...awe of Josh Ruben’s acting chops, and
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    joshruben says, “The newest installment in my “VHS” series with...Magee! Produced by...
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    So glad to hear you ACTUALLY ran it through a VCR instead of using some horrible digital effect. I just love the look of...
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    I was kind of sad when she destroys the set in the end because the set itself is pretty terrific.
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    this is gold. just. amazing. “being alone is bad, but i think owls take the cake.”
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